Postage rates:
 From 10 Jan 1840  Letter under ½oz - 1d  Letter ½oz to 1oz - 2d
 From 1 Jan 1870  Letter Rate 1d  Postcards ½d
 From 3 Jun 1918  Letter Rate 1½d  Postcards 1d
 Form 13 Jun 1921  Letter Rate 2d  Postcards 1½d
 Form 29 May 1922  Letter Rate 1½d  Postcards 1d
 From 1 Jan 1937  Letter Rate 1½d  Postcards 1d
 From 1 May 1940  Letter Rate 2½d  Postcards 2d
 From 1 Oct 1957  Letter Rate 3d  Postcards 2½d
 From 17 May 1965  Letter Rate 4d  Postcards 3d
16th September 1968 1st Class and 2nd Class post introduced.
(Up to 2oz or 60g)
 From 16 Sep 1968  First Class 5d  Second Class 4d
15th February 1971 the currency went decimal.
 From 15 Feb 1971  First Class 3p  Second Class 2½p
 From 10 Sep 1973  First Class 3½p  Second Class 3p
 From 24 Jun 1974  First Class 4½p  Second Class 3½p
 From 17 Mar 1975  First Class 7p  Second Class 5½p
 From 29 Sep 1975  First Class 8½p  Second Class 6½p
 From 13 Jun 1977  First Class 9p  Second Class 7p
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