AJH Top 10 TV Documentary Series
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  1. Cosmos (Carl Sagan) (1980) (PBS)
  2. The World at War (1973–74) (ITV)
  3. Seven Wonders of the Industrial World (2003) (BBC)
  4. The Great War (1964) (BBC)
  5. In Colour - The Second World War in Colour - Britain at War in Colour
          America's War in Colour - Japan's War in Colour - D-Day in Colour
          The British Empire in Colour
  6. A History of Britain (Simon Schama) (2000) (BBC)
  7. The American Civil War (Ken Burns) (1990) (PBS)
  8. Building the Great Pyramid (2002) (BBC)
  9. Egypt (2005) (BBC)
  10. Unknown Chaplin (1983) (ITV)

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