Registration Area Codes pre-2001

B Lancashire
BA Manchester (Salford until 1974)
BB Newcastle upon Tyne
BC Leicester
BD Northampton
BE Lincoln (Grimsby until 1981)
BF Stoke-on-Trent
BG Liverpool (Birkenhead until 1974)
BH Luton (Buckinghamshire until 1974)
BJ Ipswich (East Suffolk until 1974)
BK Portsmouth
BL Reading
BM Luton
BN Manchester (Bolton until 1981)
BO Cardiff
BP Portsmouth
BR Newcastle upon Tyne (Durham until 1981)
BS Aberdeen (Orkney until 1980)
BT Leeds (Yorkshire (East Riding) until 1974; York until 1981)
BU Manchester (Oldham until 1974)
BV Preston (Blackburn until 1974)
BW Oxford
BX Haverfordwest
BY Croydon (changed to London (North-West) on closure from 1967)