Registration Area Codes pre-2001

A London
AA Bournemouth (Salisbury until 1980)
AB Worcester
AC Coventry
AD Gloucester
AE Bristol
AF Truro
AG Hull (Ayrshire until 1974)
AH Norwich
AJ Middlesbrough (Yorkshire (North Riding) until 1974)
AK Sheffield (Bradford until 1974)
AL Nottingham
AM Swindon
AN West Ham (changed to London from 1967) then again to Reading in 1974. (MAN used only in Isle of Man)
AO Carlisle
AP Brighton
AR Chelmsford (Hertfordshire until 1974)
AS Inverness
AT Hull
AU Nottingham
AV Peterborough (Aberdeenshire until 1974)
AW Shrewsbury
AX Cardiff (Monmouthshire until 1974)
AY Leicester